Facebook Ad

Just Listed/Just Sold Facebook Ads

Get your listing or sale in front of the right audience with lead generating ads created in just a few clicks!
Pricing starts at just $99!

Ad campaigns feature:
  • Real-time lead notifications
  • Online dashboard to monitor ad performance and lead tracking
  • Free property page and market snapshot
  • Automatic ad creation using MLS Data
  • Targeted ads only displayed to qualified people in your area on their mobile phones based on propriety Likely Mover Profile
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3 Day


  • 5-7 Leads*
  • 70 Clicks*

7 Day

Most Popular!


  • 13-18 Leads*
  • 165 Clicks*

14 Day


  • 26-36 Leads*
  • 330 Clicks*

Real-Time Leads With Significant Reach

Boost the visibility of your listing, sale or open house by appealing to buyers and sellers on the world's most widely used social media platform. Our system targets the optimal audience for your Facebook Advertising Campaign, delivering real-time leads and all the branding benefits of Just Listed / Just Sold Postcard mailing but with significantly more reach.

Strong Call-to-Action

We create and launch your Facebook ads to promote your listed and sold properties with compelling messaging and a strong call-to-action, prompting users to request more information. Users don't want to spend time filling out a contact form, though, so we've solved this problem by auto-filling the form from their own personal Facebook profiles.

Performance Tracking

Each time a user submits their contact information, we'll email you a notification, so you can pursue your lead. You'll also have full access to your ad's performance data – views, clicks, and leads – via the Campaign Status Page during and after the run of your ad.