Frequently Asked Questions

Target Farming Reports

Q. How often do reports get mailed?

A. Every 60 days. “Ready to Move” cards, Just Listed / Just Sold Postcards, and Seasonal Postcards are available to mail in between report mailings.

Q. Is there any setup fee?

A. No. There is never a setup fee to get started mailing reports.

Q. Is there any commitment or contract?

A. Yes. Successful farming requires consistency, so RSP has a six-mailing (one year) commitment. Due to the success of our program, many of our agents have been mailing reports for more than seven years.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee if I don’t mail six times?

A. Yes. Because we charge no set up fee of any kind, agents cancelling the program before their third mailing will be charged a $500 cancellation fee. Agents cancelling prior to their sixth mailing will be charged a $250 cancellation fee.

Q. Is there a minimum number of reports that need to be mailed?

A. Yes. There is a 300-report minimum. This can be made up of any number of different farm areas.

Q. Can I mail with a partner or team?

A. Yes. RSP can even divide billing accordingly.

Q. Can I mail less often than 60 days? Perhaps quarterly?

A. No. Agents must mail reports at least every 60 days to allow for consistent reinforcement of your brand to homeowners, which drives leads.

Q. Are reports mailed standard rate or first class?

A. Reports are generally mailed standard rate but, for an additional charge, may be mailed first class.

Q. What is the monthly fee for?

A. While we do charge for each printed report, the program fee covers the maintenance and merging of MLS and Tax Roll Data, property search websites for each report, and the preparation of each new report.

Q. Is the monthly fee charge per farm area?

A. No. Regardless of how many farm areas you mail reports to, there is only one monthly fee to prepare all of your reports.

Q. How often do I receive follow-up phone numbers, and can I get them on demand?

A. Follow-up phone numbers are made available every quarter after an agents first mailing and are not available on demand.

Q. What exactly does “exclusive farm areas” mean?

A. Once you choose a farm area(s), RSP will not mail reports to homeowners within your farm area(s) for any other agent in our program. Your chosen areas will show as "Taken" on our Live Maps and remain exclusively yours as long as you continue to mail.

Q. How am I billed?

A. Agents are billed by credit card for all reports prior to printing and mailing. Monthly program fees are billed on or about the same day each month.

Q. How long does it take for my reports to be delivered to homeowners?

A. The U.S. Postal Service averages 10 to 15 business days for Standard Mail and five to seven business days for First-Class Presort.

Q. Can I edit the mailing list for Target Farming Reports?

A. Yes, you can remove any homeowners from your mailing list that you would not like to receive your report as long as you include a minimum of 85% of your qualified homeowners.

Q. Does RSP use recyclable paper?

A. Yes. Domtar paper is one of the leaders in Green sustainability.

Just Listed / Just Sold Postcards

Q. Who designs the postcards?

A. RSP takes pride in hiring postcard designers through the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit charity and veterans service organization that offers programs, services and events to honor and empower wounded veterans of military actions following September 11, 2001.

Q. Do I need to be in the target farming report program to mail Just Listed / Just Sold postcards?

A. No. We work with all agents whom reside in the areas we service. To find out if you’re in our serviceable area, fill out our contact form and someone will be in touch with you. Agents mailing reports, however, receive an additional savings per card. For more information, view our pricing information.

Q. Is there a minimum postcard order?

A. Yes. There is a 50-postcard minimum for all orders.

Q. Can I mail postcards outside of my report farm areas?

A. Yes. There is no restriction on where postcards can be mailed.

Q. Does a mailing list come with my postcards, or do I need to provide a mailing list of my own?

A. We provide tax roll names and addresses of all streets, subdivisions and or/condos where transactions occur and also provide mailing lists of similar areas. You may always upload any mailing list of your choosing following our instructions and format requirements.

Q. What are the format requirements for uploading my own mailing list?

A. Uploaded lists must be in a .csv text file format. Excel, FoxPro, Outlook, and most other programs will have a way for you to export your list as a .csv text file.

Your list should contain the following column headers in the first row of data: LastName, FirstName, SpouseName, Street, City, State, Zip. All columns are required to be filled, except "SpouseName" (which is the spouse’s first name).

NOTE: If your list uses one column to combine first and last names, instead of putting them in separate columns, place the full names in the "LastName" column.

Q. How is the mailing list generated?

A. Our program automatically populates a mailing list based on the neighborhood where the transaction took place rather than a simple radius around the sale/listing.  The list is created from Tax Roll Data and is CASS certified before mailing.

Q. How many homes are on the mailing list? Can I make changes to it?

A. We automatically generate a mailing list of 250 homeowners. You and our associates can easily add or remove owners from the list.

Q. Can I choose other areas for the mailing list?

A. Yes. Our program allows you to choose other neighborhoods or streets to add to your mailing list.

Q. Are postcards mailed Standard Bulk/Business Class or First Class?

A. Postcards are generally mailed Standard Bulk/Business Class but, for an additional charge, may be mailed First Class.

Q. What size are postcards?

A. Postcards are jumbo (8.5” x 5.5”). Agents may choose panoramic postcards (11” x 5.5”) for an additional charge or standard size (4” x 6”) for less.

Q. How much do the postcards cost?

A. Click here to view our postcard pricing including volume and combination discounts.

Q. What does the price for postcards include?

A. The price includes a completed postcard design with the option to edit, postage, full color on both sides, and a mailing list.

Q. Do you offer any discounts?

A. Yes. View our postcard pricing here for details.

Q. Can I get extra cards to mail or hand-out myself?

A. Yes. Extra copies are available to order.

Q. What is your turnaround time?

A. Postcards are printed and sent to the post office within 48 hours of order confirmation.

Q. How long does it take for postcards to be mailed/delivered?

A. The typical method of delivery is Standard Bulk/Business Class mail, which can take anywhere from 10 to 15 business days to arrive. Agents can upgrade to First Class mail for an additional charge per Jumbo size postcard OR by opting to use the Standard size (4” x 6”) postcard, which is automatically mailed First Class and takes 5 to 7 business days to be delivered. Jumbo postcards provide additional space to convey your message and the large size further enables it to stand out in a pile of mail. 

Q. Will I receive a copy of the postcard?

A. Yes. We will automatically mail a copy of the postcard to your office address. Since copies can sometimes be misplaced when being delivered to an office, we can mail it to your home address instead.  If you prefer that, please provide us your home address.

Q. Why am I getting returns of postcards?

A. While our system does CASS certify all mailing lists, some addresses may still be incorrect.  Our CASS rate is over 98% on average. If you choose First Class mail, you may receive returns due to no forwarding address on file or an expired forwarding address.

Q. Can I change the style, size or color of the font being used in the design of the postcard?

A. All the text on our postcards is automatically generated, so the font style, size and color cannot be changed. You do have the option of editing the content and using all capital letters.

Q. How can I add another agent to my postcards?

A. To add another agent’s photo, name and contact information, it is best to contact us at 1-800-298-1918, Option 4. Final costs for postcard orders can also be split between agents.

Q. Can I send you my postcard template/design for you to print and mail for me?

A. Not at this time, but we do offer Personal Branding. One of our graphic designers can create a postcard for you that provides you with the ability to change the colors and add specific elements, like a slogan or additional logo, to highlight the look and feel of your brand.

Q. Do you have anything I can use to introduce myself to a neighborhood?

A. Target Farming Reports provide a great way to establish yourself as the neighborhood expert, supplying homeowners’ valuable sales activity information unique to the street, subdivision or condo. Reports are regularly mailed to your own exclusive neighborhood, serving as an introduction and allowing you to market your brand and get leads.

Q. If I don’t see my headshot on the proof you sent me, how can I get my photo on the card?

A. If you don’t see your headshot on the postcard, email your photo to us as a jpeg attachment. We will add it to any of your pending postcards and save it to our server for future use. Email address:

Q. What does the “My Report For You” link do for me? What is it?

A. This link is a mini searchable website that homeowners can access to search for homes. All leads are sent to you.

Q. What is the map on the back of the postcard?

A. This is the FREE real-time lead generating Home Value Estimator (HVE) feature available on Target Farming Reports and Just Listed / Just Sold Postcards. Homeowners are drawn to a map showing their home and various listed and sold homes in the surrounding neighborhood. A unique code is provided to them to find out how much their home is worth at When they enter in that code, you instantly receive real-time leads and the homeowner contact information essential for following up.

Q. How do I know my order was mailed?

A. We provide you with a tracking report from the U.S. Post Office. It will be available for you to view when you receive the confirmation of your order.

Q. Does RSP use recyclable paper?

A. Yes. Domtar paper is one of the leaders in Green sustainability.

Home Value Estimator

Q. What is the Home Value Estimator?

A. The Home Value Estimator (HVE) is a FREE real-time lead generation tool.

Q. On what products is the map featured?

A. The HVE map is a FREE feature available on Target Farming Reports and Just Listed / Just Sold Postcards. Homeowners are drawn to a map showing their home and various listed and sold homes in the surrounding neighborhood. A unique code is provided to them to find out how much their home is worth at

Q. How does the homeowner access this tool?

A. Homeowners simply open in their browser and enter the code referenced in the call-to-action. The website populates their information instantly.

Q. Do homeowners need to enter in any personal information to view their home values?

A. No. The HVE website customizes the web page to the homeowner without requiring any personal information to be entered. All the homeowner needs to provide is their unique code.

Q. How do I benefit from this tool? How does the homeowner benefit?

A. For agents, you instantly receive real-time leads and the homeowner contact information essential for following up. For homeowners, the HVE delivers a strong call-to-action by offering them easy access to what is most valuable to them: the value of their home.

Q. In what way do I receive the instant leads?

A. The unique code entered by the homeowner ties back to the property and immediately provides to you, via email, the homeowner’s name, address, phone number, and email address (if available). A text is also sent to you, letting you know an email has been received and is in your inbox.

Q. Is there a demo that I can view?

A. Yes. To view a demo, go to and enter in the following code: AC-VH-CD.

Facebook Advertising

Q. Where is the ad shown?

A. Your ad will appear on Facebook in the newsfeed of users within your optimal target audience. This “native ad” appears as a post amongst updates from users’ friends and family. Native ads are highly focused on mobile display, but may also show on desktop.

Q. Who sees the ad?

A. The system determines the ideal audience for your ad based on your listing. The recipients are selected based on online browsing behaviors (internet searches, etc.).

Q. What area is targeted?

A. We will show your ads only to Facebook users who are within a specific mile radius around your listing based on the population density, aiming for a target populace of approximately 50,000. These campaigns perform best when people are likely to be familiar with the listing.

Q. How do I know my ad is targeting the right people?

A. Your listing’s address is the focus of our geographic target, so only people within the radius distance of the listing will see the ad.

Q. How many people will see my ad?

A. Every Facebook ad will be shown to a specific, geographically-targeted audience.

    The average number of views (impressions):
  • • 3-Day Campaign – 900 to 1,400 views
  • • 7-Day Campaign – 1,900 to 2,200 views
  • • 14-Day Campaign – 3,900 to 4,400 views

Q. Can I customize my ad?

A. Each ad is developed with targeted data to produce creative copy and calls-to-action for optimal results. Any customization or change to the ad could be detrimental to that goal. You’ll have the best chance for success if you use our ads as they are generated.

Q. How long will it take for my ad to launch?

A. Once you've granted RSP access to your Facebook Business Page, we’ll set up and launch your ad within 2 business days. You’ll receive frequent, regular email updates on the progress of your campaign. If you’re not receiving emails, make sure you add to your whitelist.

Q: What is required in order to get my ad up and running?

A: You will need to provide RSP with your Facebook Business Page URL to get started. If you do not already have one, you can create a free business page in just a few minutes. Upon providing this information and completing the purchase of your ad, an email will be sent to you with simple next steps to get your ad running on Facebook, including providing permission to post the ad on your business page's behalf (required by Facebook to run the ad). Emails will be sent to the email address on file with your account. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please check your junk folder and contact us if you do not see this information.

Q. Can I use a personal Facebook account?

A. Only Business Pages can advertise on Facebook. You can create one here.

Q. What is a Facebook Business Page?

A. A Facebook Business Page differs from your personal account; A Business Page enables you to build and maintain your professional brand through Facebook Advertising. Check out Facebook’s tutorial on creating your Business Page.

Q. What makes a good Facebook Business Page?

A. A Facebook Business Page should show quality photos and logos that are scalable, feature a call-to-action button, and a set Preferred Page Audience.

Q. Why do you need my Facebook Business Page URL?

A. We run the ad we place on your behalf through Facebook’s mobile advertising platform. To do this, we must have administrative access to your Facebook Business Page. We don’t control your page, and you can rescind our access anytime.

Q. I’ve submitted an order, but I’m not receiving any lead or confirmation emails. What do I do?

A. 1) Check to ensure the Facebook Business Page URL you provided in the order form is typed/copied correctly. 2) Make sure you granted RSP access to your Facebook Business Page, so our team can run the ad for you. 3) Your ad may not be ready to launch. After we have built your ad, we submit it to Facebook for review. This can take up to 2 business days.

Q. How will I see results?

A. You’ll receive an email with instructions and a link to your Campaign Status Page, which highlights your ad's performance in Views, Clicks, and Leads:

  • • Views represent the number of people who have seen your ad.
  • • Clicks represent how many people have clicked (taken action) on it.
  • • Leads represent the people who have filled out the contact form to receive more information.
At the end of the campaign, we’ll send you this data, including all of the lead contact information we’ve collected, in a .csv file format. If you have any questions or don’t receive an email, call 800-298-1918 ext. 504.

Q. How will I know when I have a lead?

A. You should be receiving lead emails in real-time as they submit the information on your advertisement. Be sure to add to your whitelist to ensure the lead emails do not end up in your spam folder. If you’re still not receiving emails, contact us at or 800-298-1918 ext. 504.

Q. How should I pursue my leads?

A. The purpose of these ad campaigns is to brand you and show the business you’re doing in the neighborhood. The agents that report the most success with these campaigns reach out to leads immediately by phone and email, focusing on building a dialogue with them. Be sure to check out our Best Practices Guide for following up.

Q. Can I check the status of my ad campaign while it’s running?

A. Yes. You’ll receive a link in your email when the campaign launches, so you can track it.

Q. What should I do if my Campaign Status Page is blank?

A. Facebook hosts the lead information for only 30 days after a campaign, and we subsequently lose access to that campaign data. Be sure to take a look at your status page when we email you from, so you can download your leads via a .csv format.

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