Just Listed / Just Sold Postcards

We Prepare, Print, and Mail For You!

Example postcard with callouts of available options and features

    What's On A Postcard?

  • A. Property Photos

    Choose from several template options and display up to six photos from the MLS.

  • B. Property Address and Price

    Address and property price automatically generated from the MLS.

  • C. Agent Headshot and Contact Information

    Agent contact information prominently displayed on the front and back.

  • D. Agency or Personal Branding

    Feature your agency’s logo or provide a personal one to set yourself apart.

  • E. Property Description

    Pulled from the MLS and edited for length and clarity.

  • F. Featured Sales or Unique Sales Proposition

    Highlight your office’s recent nearby sales activity or your own unique content.

  • G. Home Value Estimator

    FREE real-time lead generation tool, requiring no personal information from the homeowner!

Discover the RSP Difference

Consistent Brand Reinforcement

Mailing Just Listed / Just Sold postcards provide an excellent opportunity to reinforce your brand while highlighting your successful transactions as they occur within a specific neighborhood. We incorporate the look and feel of your brand (individual agent(s) or agency) to support consistent brand awareness. With our program, you can target the neighborhood where you completed the transaction and, most importantly, mail directly to the homeowners via their tax roll addresses.

Prepared, Printed, and Mailed for You

No need to edit photos or upload property descriptions! For each new listing or sale, we will prepare a postcard and email you a sample, with a link to approve, edit and order the card with absolutely no commitment on your part. We pull the property photos and description, agent contact information, targeted mailing list and more from the MLS and Tax Roll. You can choose from several different designs, including one that personalizes the card for each recipient!

Real-Time Leads

Receive real-time leads straight to your inbox using our free Home Value Estimator feature available on postcards. This strong call-to-action prompts the homeowner to visit MyHomeEst.com, where they’ll receive a complimentary home value analysis, surrounding market activity, and the ability to contact you directly without competition from other agents. No inputting of personal information is required by the homeowner! Instead, they’ll simply enter in a unique code, and you’ll immediately be notified with their contact information.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Postcards are 87¢ each*, which includes:

  • Postcard designed for you – no need to upload photos or edit property descriptions
  • MLS and Tax Roll Data to power your postcard
  • Real-time leads generated through Home Value Estimator
  • Full-color, premium paper stock
  • Jumbo-sized, 8.5 x 5.5
  • Mailing List
  • Postage – volume discounts available (2¢/postcard >500, 4¢/postcard >1,000, 6¢/postcard>5,000)
  • No set-up fees

*Discounts may apply

Request A Postcard

Enter your contact information to receive a FREE, no-obligation postcard of your recent listing or sale emailed to you within one business day.

Your information is held private.
There is no obligation.

For each additional listing or sale you complete, our marketing team will automatically prepare a postcard and email you a sample with a link to approve, edit and order the card, with absolutely no commitment on your part. For general inquiries about the program, simply leave the MLS Number and Property Address fields blank.

Example of website and postcard. 'View a demo a myhomeest.com and enter code: AC-VH-CD'

Get More Listings!

with Real-Time Leads

Everyone wants to know the value of their home, but they don’t want to provide personal information to obtain it.

Luckily, they don’t have to, because we have MLS and Tax Roll Data. Homeowners are sent a personalized code providing access to information about their home value.

For every code entered, agents receive real-time leads that include the homeowner’s email address, phone number, or both.

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Our Farming Process

We Prepare, Print, and Mail For You!

Step 1

Mail Reports To Exclusive Neighborhoods Every 60 Days for Optimal Results

The most successful real estate agents develop their business in a specific area or market demographic by “farming” for business leads. The best method for doing this is consistently sending quality marketing pieces that educate homeowners. Doing this properly takes time and resources, which can distract from your effort to follow up and close leads. At RSP, we use MLS and tax roll data to prepare, print, and mail neighborhood-exclusive reports on your behalf around the world, providing homeowners with information on sales activity unique to their street, subdivision, or condo. Reports are mailed every 60 days to a specific geographic area, branding you as the neighborhood expert.

Step 2

Reinforce Your Brand

We offer Just Listed / Just Sold Postcards and Ready to Move Postcards to grow your sphere. These products keep you top-of-mind with homeowners while building up your credibility.

Step 3

Follow Up with Instant Real-Time Leads

Since we do the work, you’ll have time to spend following up with real-time leads produced from our Home Value Estimator lead generation tool, free on all reports and Just Listed/Just Sold postcards. For tips on how to do this, refer to our Best Practices Guide.

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